Currently in Denver - October 26th, 2022

The weather, currently.

Hi! I'm back from a little time off and of course, I come back to weather! No better way to get my work week kicked off than to tell you what is going on!

So, we have another cold front coming through that will bring colder air to Colorado. This system will bring snow for sure to the mountains, but there is this really strange grey area when it comes to what kind of precipitation cities along the Front Range and really any lower elevations get. So let's talk about rain/snow mix and what the heck does it mean.

A rain snow mix (also known as wintry mix)  is literally a mixture of rain and wet snow. It usually occurs when the temperature of the layer of air near the ground is slightly above freezing (so like 34 degrees). What you see when it falls is either rain, snow or both at the same time depending on what the temperature near the ground is where you are. Also, because the Denver-Metro varies based on elevation, mountains around you, if you live near the Palmer Divide etc. it isn't going to be the same from one neighborhood to the next so keep that in mind. So someone in Boulder could be like hey it is just raining here while someone in Castle Rock could be like it is just straight snowing here. So when I say rain/snow mix, expect colder temperatures around freezing and you may see rain, snow or both.

So, let's put this all together to talk about your forecast for Wednesday:

1) You see clouds in the morning. Some of you, not all, will see a very small chance of rain. By sunrise-9 a.m. some of you will see the rain turn to a rain/snow mix as temperatures drop into the 30s.

2) Afternoon is still cloudy with temperatures in the mid 50s. This is when some of you will see a slight chance of rain only because the temperatures are way above freezing at this point.

3) In the evening the temperatures start to drop again as the cold front comes through. We start to see a higher chance of rain around the evening commute. Overnight we see that rain convert back into a rain/snow mix, so expect to see that mixture Thursday morning.

For those of you in the mountains: First of all, hi! Second of all, prepare for snow. If you are planning to head up that direction...adjust your travel plans accordingly. Here's a graphic of what we are thinking for snow amounts from Wednesday THROUGH Thursday night. A lot of people think they will just see this in one shot, it is not, this is the total amount you expect as the storm finishes up on Thursday.

Activity forecast:

All activities except skiing: If you can do activities in the rain, then get your rain gear ready for tomorrow. It will be cool in the morning, mild in the afternoon and then the rain snow hits in the evening.

Ski forecast: The only place open right now is Arapahoe Basin. If you are just itching to ski... be careful when traveling up in the mountain and enjoy the snow for me please!

Megan Montero

What you need to know, currently.

Emperor penguins are now endangered due to the climate crisis, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service declared Tuesday, granting the species federal protections under the Endangered Species Act.

“This listing reflects the growing extinction crisis,” Martha Williams, the federal wildlife agency’s director, said in a statement. “Climate change is having a profound impact on species around the world.”

The emperor penguin is the tallest and bulkiest of all the world’s penguins and is the only animal that can withstand the Antarctic winter to breed. Despite their strength, they face almost complete annihilation by the end of the century, if global warming is not drastically reduced. As temperatures continue to warm, sea ice melts and capsizes these penguins’ habitat.

The waters around and beneath the sea ice are essential to the penguins’ survival, as an area for feeding. The ice is important as well, as it’s a place for the animals to rest, breed, protect their eggs and escape from predators.

Climate change is said to be responsible for the death of the second largest known emperor colony, Halley Bay, in 2016, where more than 10,000 chicks died when sea ice broke earlier than expected. The chicks hadn’t learned to swim yet and drowned. The colony still has not recovered.

However, things could still change for the emperor penguins and other Antarctic animals.

“[Federal protections are] a big win for these beloved, iconic penguins and all of us who want them to thrive,” said Shaye Wolf, Ph.D., the Center for Biological Diversity’s climate science director. “At the same time, this decision is a warning that emperor penguins need urgent climate action if they’re going to survive. The penguin’s very existence depends on whether our government takes strong action now to cut climate-heating fossil fuels and prevent irreversible damage to life on Earth.”

—Aarohi Sheth

What you can do, currently.

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