Currently in Denver - November 21st, 2022

The weather, currently.

Sunny and high 40s for Monday, November November 21st

Here we go! Into Thanksgiving week. This is where I typically talk about the weather around the country to help those who are getting ready to travel. So, first here's what the week is looking like for Denver:

1) Monday: We start off the week of sunshine! Cold in the morning in the 20s and upper 40s in the afternoon.

2) Tuesday: Sunny. Low 20s in the morning. Upper 40s in the afternoon.

3) Wednesday: Mostly sunny. Mid 20s in the morning. Low 50s in the afternoon.

4) Thursday/Thanksgiving Day: Sunny. Mid 20s in the morning and upper 40s on Thanksgiving Day.

5) Friday: Sunny. 20s in the morning and 60s in the afternoon. The warmest day of the week.

Here's what it looks like so far for the rest of the US. So far I only have maps for Monday and Tuesday but I will keep updating as we go through the week.



Activity forecast for Monday: To be honest, it looks great so far to get out and do something. Coats are a good idea in the morning because it will be cold in the 20s but by the afternoon, it should be a little warmer to go out and talk a winter walk or visit a holiday village.

Mountain forecast for Monday: Cold in the morning in the single digits. Upper 30s in the afternoon. This is not a good week to get fresh powder... we have sunshine all week.

Megan Montero

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COP27 adopts a loss and damage fund — but it’s not all good news
In a historic win for vulnerable countries, a loss and damage fund has been established at COP27.

Currently’s staff reporter, Anna Abraham, was in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt, covering COP27 — the 2022 United Nations Climate Change Conference, all week.

Read Anna’s story about the establishment of the loss and damage fund, a historic win for countries hit hardest by climate change:

“With the United Nations COP27 climate summit running late into the weekend, many were unhopeful for a substantive outcome from the climate talks. And while numerous commitments and pledges failed to impress, a certain victory is the establishment of a loss and damage fund.

The issue of loss and damage finance, to provide aid to vulnerable countries facing irreversible climate impacts, has been the most hotly debated topic since COP26 in Glasgow. The talks didn’t seem to be making much-needed progress, with the U.S. and China blocking the issue.

Wealthy nations have worked long and hard to avoid the issue of loss and damage.  John Kerry, the US climate envoy, said in previous public statements that ‘loss and damage’ is not the same as climate reparations. However, in quite a dramatic intervention, on Friday, the European Union agreed to finance a loss and damage fund putting pressure on the U.S. and China.”

Click here to read the full article!

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