Currently in Denver - July 29, 2022

The weather, currently.

Low 80s and chance of pm thunderstorms for Friday, July 29th. 

We've had loud and wet weather this week with lots of thunderstorms rolling through the Front Range. A lot of places saw more than an inch of rain but sadly, this didn't help our drought situation too much. You can see in a comparison of our drought monitors from last week to this week that conditions haven't really changed over the Front Range but we now have a severe drought (dark orange) in the plains.  

Drought Monitor for week of 7/21/2022. Abnormally dry for the plains in yellow. 
Drought Monitor for week of 7/28/2022. Abnormally Dry category (yellow) in the plains recedes and severe drought (dark orange) takes over.

The bad news is our drought is increasing around the state despite higher rainfall totals. However, we will continue to see rain over this weekend so hopefully that will help our drought situation.

Here's a breakdown of how your Friday and weekend looks:

1) Friday: Low 80s and small chance of thunderstorm in the evening.

2) Saturday: Low 80s and chance of evening thunderstorms.

3) Sunday: Back to the 90s and evening chance of thunderstorms.

Megan Montero

What you need to know, currently.

Eastern Kentucky has been hit by catastrophic flooding Wednesday night and more rain is on the way. Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear confirmed that eight people had died overnight, with many more still unaccounted for and waiting to be rescued.

Flash floods aren’t necessarily becoming more common due to climate change, but they are becoming more dramatic. A 2021 paper in Nature found that—while the number of flash floods remained fairly constant—extreme floods tended to be increasing, while moderate flash floods were on the decline.

Flash floods are also growing shorter and more dramatic, which causes roughly the same amount of property damage but makes them much more dangerous for people, who have little warning before their towns are inundated.

You can donate to Eastern Kentucky Mutual Aid below: